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Driving Schools & Pricing: Why RSA School of Motoring Excels

RSA school of motoringRSA School of Motoring has launched three incentive programs, designed to help students easily achieve their driving test goals. The incentives represent a new combination of services, designed to facilitate student progress towards becoming skilled drivers who can pass the driving test. This serves not only to assist students with their goals, but also to separate RSA School of Motoring from other driving schools in Dublin.

RSA does a good job offering value - when students book five or more lessons, they can drive on the roads they'll face on their driving tests. It's smart to take a drive on the routes beforehand, so you know what you're getting yourself into on the actual test. RSA School of Motoring has always been a good driving school, but with the inclusion of test routes, you'll be hard pressed to find a better deal. Test routes have always been available for students, but this is the first time they have been included in the basic package. Now, however, with RSA School of Motoring's innovative pricing schemes, every student who books 5 or more lessons will get test routes as part of their basic package.

How Do You Choose the Right Storage Company?

self storage dublinOne of the times when self storage companies become useful is during home removals and you need to put your valuables for storage temporarily. However, it is sometimes overwhelming to choose which storage companies to choose and how to weed out the best from your options. Choosing the right company should involve researching and putting in some effort. The following can guide through the process of selecting –

Location of the Storage Company

It is highly possible that while you’re in the process of moving you are going to access your valuables regularly so it is only practical that the self storage company is well-located so you don’t have to take a long drive before you can get to your things. The company should be located within the locality or at the center of your previous home and the home where you’re going to. This is ideal but if this is not a practical solution then look for self storage in Dublin or companies located within the locality either of your old or new residence.

Free Condoms for Dublin

Condoms DublinOver a thousand condoms are available for Dubliners for free. These are going to be given out along streets as a significant part of the ‘Just Carry One’ campaign. This campaign encourages young individuals to carry even a condom with them all the time.

SpunOut – a national youth organization, particularly a charity, runs the initiative alongside Dublin Aids Alliance in response to the recent increase in the reported cases for STI. The organization was also “alarmed” about the recent findings that about 20% of students engage in sex when they are drunk. And it's a statistic that the team at Condoms Ireland fear will get worse.

The organization pointed out that this is clearly a sexual behavioral risk and they want to make sure these young individuals have all the right information required to experience rewarding sex lives. This is the statement made about the campaign that was about to happen.

T.J. O’Connor and Associates reinvents engineering in Ireland

civil engineers dublinDifferent engineering firms have different specialties, whether in civil, structural or consultancy. But rarely does a firm offer two specialties in tandem. Many times, clients who need to get civil and structural work done have to scout for and hire two different companies. Projects requiring both civil and consulting engineering have to be done by at least two engineering firms: one for the civil engineering aspect, and another for consulting. While it is admittedly a headache, many just grind their teeth and carry on due to a lack of options.

T.J. O’Connor and Associates, however, is showing the rest of the engineering firms that indeed, there is such a thing as a one-stop engineering firm. By offering services in civil, structural and consulting engineering, T.J. O’Connor and Associates has raised the bar on what an engineering firm can offer.

For civil engineering needs, T.J. O’Connor and Associates has proven its worth in designing some of the major wastewater systems in Ireland. It has also achieved great results in working on Ireland’s flood alleviation and management schemes, as well as the country’s water supply projects.

The firm specializes in working on environmentally sensitive projects, having been highly successful with Natura 2000 sites and marine and harbour works in different parts of the country. Most notably, it has worked with the Department of the Environment and Local Government on development projects on waterways and wastewater systems.

The Spirit of Dublin Uncovered

A contribution from one of our readers

I wonder how it would feel to live in Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland in comparison to a major city or even in the rural towns and communities in the USA? In economically challenged times, Dublin has enjoyed respectable numbers of tourist visitors. That speaks loudly in the tourist promoting circles.

I’ve become an Internet traveler with Google Earth as my vessel of transportation. My mouse and my keyboard finger tips are my fuel canisters that propel my traveling fantasy delights. I can travel the world and zoom in on destinations of my choice anytime day or night. One can become an experienced virtual travel guide without physically having the blessing to have visited the land.

Irish designer creates a fashion statement with beer bottles

Peter Heron FashionAn up-and-coming entrepreneur from Dublin is making waves with his jeans, which are 75% denim and 25% beer bottle.

Peter Heron, an Irishman now living in New York, has launched his clothing line I Am Not A Virgin, made of partly recycled materials such as brown beer bottles and food trays. The clothing range consists mainly of shirts and jeans.

Heron’s clothing line draws attention not just for its materials, but also for its eyebrow-raising name. I Am Not A Virgin, as Heron explains, is named thus for the materials, which are recycled and therefore non-virgin.

His idea was originally to create jeans from the leftover fabric scraps, which he would get from manufacturing mills. However, a DKNY senior designer discussed with him the possibilities of using a new fabric that is made up of 75% cotton and a quarter percent recycled synthetic material like beer bottles.

The Different Kinds of Shipping Companies

Hales Freight IrelandThere are many ways to get from one place to another, and the same goes for your things. Whether it’s to move your couch from one city to another or to send a product to its buyer in another country, shipping companies all over the world have got you covered. But while there is no shortage of shipping companies, you have to make sure that you know which company to go to for your needs. Here enters the questions regarding your cargo: Is it heavy? Is it large? When do you want it to arrive to its destination? All these questions will lead you to find the company that suits your needs the most.

Driving Lessons In Dublin Are Changing

The RSA has introduced a new graduated licensing system in Ireland to help spearhead improvements in the standard you new drivers passing their tests. This will mean some big and somewhat strict criteria for those looking to start their driving lessons, instructors have given a varied response to the new initiative and although some pushed to have the new rule stopped they have non the less gone ahead.

The new rule stipulate that all new learner drivers must undertake 12 one hour lessons which strictly follow a driving syllabus. These lessons are to be spread out over a 6 month period which means any driver looking to sit their driving test that has not completed this syllabus or held there learner permit for less than 6 months will not be allowed to do so. Once this EDT or essential driver training as its called has been completed the learner's RSA ADI driving instructor will issue them a certification which gives them the all clear to book their test and sit the driving exam.