Irish Version of Sarah’s Law

After the murder of 8-year old Sarah Payne, vigilantes were born and started FF1B2E65338DB3CD1571D921FD04Eangry protests outside the homes of suspected sex offenders.

Innocent men were held responsible for something they did not do because they closely resemble the pictures of suspected pedophiles released in the media. A home of a pediatrician was vandalized because the people got her professional signage confused of the word pedophile.

Because of these recent events, it is easy to understand that many expressed strong disapproval of the introduction of the Irish version of Sarah’s Law just to instigate or encourage violence from these self-styled vigilantes. Although these fears are understandable, nothing like this happened instead the result of Sarah’s Law was the protection of more than 200 children from harm.

Life in Finglas, Dublin

People who lived or who formerly live in Finglas, Dublin would have mixed250px-Church of the Annunciation West Finglas - - 491625 comment about the evolution of the residential suburb. Life in this residential village has been good to some and has been a disaster to others. The town has some 20,000 for its total population.

Many consider Finglas as a place where they can come home. It is the place where they enjoyed life at the most at the bottom of the hill. Whether going for a cup of tea, getting onions, or walking down the river on summer nights, many think that it is getting what life has to offer.

Brief History of Castleknock, Dublin

The small suburb of Castleknock, Dublin is located approximately one Castleknock Dublinmile just north of Phoenix Park and in between River Tolka and the Liffey River.

Even if the village doesn’t attract too many visitors each year, it is a scenic little village nonetheless and it has the church St. Brigid that was completed sometime back in the year 1810. It is built on a site of a former church and monastery that can be traced back during the Celtic times.

In Castleknock, Dublin there is also the fine hostelry in the village Myos where the blacksmith’s forge was once built and stood in the times past. From this historical area, not too far is the popular Castleknock College that was established and managed by the Vincentian Order. To some extent the mid-1960s rural aspect of Castleknock village has been lost but not entirely because new housing estates have begun to develop in the area.

Rise of Student Fees Means No College

It is an undeniable fact that Ireland is in a bad shape and we shouldn’t ignore that further. There are corrupt politicians that plagued the country as well as greedy bankers who have us played out until it becomes harder for us to get back up on our knees. This has been the scenario in Ireland today and we should not look further because the problem is right in front of us.

This has been the reason why the government has increased third level fees and the financial crisis of our country will impact all aspects of our lives unless we are going to recover in this financial incapacity. However, Ireland has more problems than the available solutions even if the government takes some from the education department.

Female Olympians Perception – Heroes or Sweethearts

It’s the Olympics once again – an event where we get to see humanity’s finest vying for titles of who    are the fastest, the strongest, most nimble and the best.  


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This is the opportunity where we can find brilliant people competing for sports – where they shine. However, some people would view this event as a chance of seeing very “hot” people being brilliant – no matter how twisted this may be there is still some truths in this. Olympians are at the peak of their physical health so they can become the countries’ best of the best. Therefore, it is not surprising to find ourselves admiring their physical characteristics not only their achievements.



 We are not really going to critic how we view the world’s best athletes despite how well they have been photographed. If there is a chance to admire the finest in our country, we should do nothing but grab it because without doing so it will be a sad day indeed. However, since the general population is composed of female, it follows that we generally tend to appreciate the male Olympians than the female ones. Females are almost always appreciated and admired when they follow certain standards of beauty set by the society – thin and perfectly styled.