How Do You Choose the Right Storage Company?

self storage dublinOne of the times when self storage companies become useful is during home removals and you need to put your valuables for storage temporarily. However, it is sometimes overwhelming to choose which storage companies to choose and how to weed out the best from your options. Choosing the right company should involve researching and putting in some effort. The following can guide through the process of selecting –

Location of the Storage Company

It is highly possible that while you’re in the process of moving you are going to access your valuables regularly so it is only practical that the self storage company is well-located so you don’t have to take a long drive before you can get to your things. The company should be located within the locality or at the center of your previous home and the home where you’re going to. This is ideal but if this is not a practical solution then look for self storage in Dublin or companies located within the locality either of your old or new residence.

Storage Company’s Office Hours

The next thing you need to know is the storage company’s office hours. Most of the storage companies we know are open 24 hours but there are also those that don’t. It will save you the trouble of waiting until they come open before you can access your valuables. It is important that you can access your items whenever you want to so if this is the case you should choose a company that is open 24 hours a day. The company might charge you extra fees if you’re going to access the property beyond their office hours.

Options on Sizes

Many storage companies offer their storage units in various sizes so you can have wide range of options when you’re availing their services. It is important that you choose adequate space – ideally with margins – so you can store your belongings without stuffing them in. The size should be enough – not too small and not too large. This is a good way to make sure your valuables are protected from damage and other hazards of storage. The storage units are offered by cubic meters so you might want to familiarize with the approximate sizes.

Security of Your Property

It is important to know how the storage companies deal with your property. Do they have access to your storage unit? After all, it is not right for them to access your property just because they own them and you’re just renting it temporarily. Companies should only access your storage unit during exceptional circumstances like fire or you have not paid your fees. In cases where you have not been able to pay your fees, they need to wait for a preset period of time before they can enter your property or declare your unit as abandoned.


Finally, one of the factors that you should consider is the cost of their storage units. You should ask how much it will cost you if you’re going to store your belongings for a week or month and what are the options of paying for the unit – whether cash, debit or if they allow you to use your credit card. Also, don’t forget if they are going to charge you with extra fees for anything like deposits, access fees, air conditioning unit if available and the likes.