T.J. O’Connor and Associates reinvents engineering in Ireland

civil engineers dublinDifferent engineering firms have different specialties, whether in civil, structural or consultancy. But rarely does a firm offer two specialties in tandem. Many times, clients who need to get civil and structural work done have to scout for and hire two different companies. Projects requiring both civil and consulting engineering have to be done by at least two engineering firms: one for the civil engineering aspect, and another for consulting. While it is admittedly a headache, many just grind their teeth and carry on due to a lack of options.

T.J. O’Connor and Associates, however, is showing the rest of the engineering firms that indeed, there is such a thing as a one-stop engineering firm. By offering services in civil, structural and consulting engineering, T.J. O’Connor and Associates has raised the bar on what an engineering firm can offer.

For civil engineering needs, T.J. O’Connor and Associates has proven its worth in designing some of the major wastewater systems in Ireland. It has also achieved great results in working on Ireland’s flood alleviation and management schemes, as well as the country’s water supply projects.

The firm specializes in working on environmentally sensitive projects, having been highly successful with Natura 2000 sites and marine and harbour works in different parts of the country. Most notably, it has worked with the Department of the Environment and Local Government on development projects on waterways and wastewater systems.

Apart from that, the firm has also designed the Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS). The ensuring SuDS Strategy Reports have been used for developments all over the country.

In structural engineering, T.J. O’Connor and Associates website shows its prowess in designing “shopping centres, office and commercial developments, hotel and leisure complexes, healthcare, residential and industrial buildings”, with successful and modern designs for the Dundrum Town Centre, Castleknock Hotel, and the Dublin Central among the many projects under their belt. It even constructed bi-steel lift cores into the Dundrum Town Centre, the first one in the world.

T.J. O’Connor and Associates’ services in structural engineering also include renovations and refurbishments of buildings and structures. Among the projects it has held is the refurbishment of historical structures in Ireland.

When it comes to consultants and consulting engineering, T.J. O’Connor and Associates boasts of giving the best advice and solutions to technical and operational problems. The firm has been tapped as lead consultant in many big-budget joint ventures, among them with URS (formerly known as Scott Wilson), the DHV group, and Bigen Africa (which was formerly DeVilliers). The firm has brought to the table both expert opinions and a competent staff with a global perspective.

The aforementioned are only some of the achievements garnered and projects undertaken by the firm during the past few years. Since it was founded on 1937, T.J. O’Connor and Associates has continued to innovate and bring in new ideas to better its services. But it was, is, and will continue to be known as the firm that offers it all—the best of civil, structural, and consulting engineering. Because of its trifold thrust in giving the best of engineering, it has reinvented engineering in Ireland and challenged other engineering firms to match its services and expertise.

To find out more about T.J. O'Connor & Associates or if you are interested in their services you can contact them at the following: T.J. O'Connor & Associates, Corrig House, Corrig Road, Sandyford, Dublin 18, Co. Dublin, 01 295 2321, http://www.tjoc.ie/