The Different Kinds of Shipping Companies

Hales Freight IrelandThere are many ways to get from one place to another, and the same goes for your things. Whether it’s to move your couch from one city to another or to send a product to its buyer in another country, shipping companies all over the world have got you covered. But while there is no shortage of shipping companies, you have to make sure that you know which company to go to for your needs. Here enters the questions regarding your cargo: Is it heavy? Is it large? When do you want it to arrive to its destination? All these questions will lead you to find the company that suits your needs the most.

When you plan on shipping large amounts of natural resources such as coal and cement to send them off to another town or country, it is best to go with shipping companies that offers bulk carriers. These bulk carriers can ship all your large cargo all at once, without having to separate them and run the risk of losing track of them. Opting for bulk carriers also means you have to pay the freight cost only once, since these carriers can hold a lot of space. You are also well assured that your cargo will be handled with the best care, since these shipping companies have the necessary equipment for bringing to port sensitive cargo.

If you are planning on shipping vehicles such as cars and trucks, you will have to look for RORO shipping companies. RORO, short for Roll-On/Roll-Off, are named such because these ships cater to cargo that are rolled on from their destination into the inside of the ships, and then rolled off when the ships dock. These are primarily used by automobile companies, which earned these shipping companies the name “car carriers”.
Another kind of shipping companies is the tanker. With its sturdy interior and expansive cargo capacity, it is the most preferred transportation for liquids such as chemicals, liquefied natural gases, oil, and molasses. While the pricey nature of tankers can be a drawback, one good advantage of using these shipping companies is that it can carry hundreds of tons of your cargo in one trip. Using tankers instead of other means of freight also reduces the chance of spillage, since these ships are made especially for liquid cargo.

Last on the list though definitely as important as the rest of them, are the container ships. These ships are the most common way to transport one’s small to medium-sized cargo, and numerous shipping companies offer this service in any part of the world. Packages and boxes make up the biggest part of its cargo. These ships are called container ships because they group the cargoes into containers, making it easy for their built-in cranes to lift them to and from the ships.

The shipping companies you choose should correspond with the kind of cargo you want to ship. Above are the different kinds of shipping companies that you could utilize for your shipping needs. All these are available in most countries, and will ship to any port in the world. In this modern era, these shipping companies often offer the added feature of tracking your cargo’s journey online so you can rest easy knowing that your cargo is on its way.