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Driving Schools & Pricing: Why RSA School of Motoring Excels

RSA school of motoringRSA School of Motoring has launched three incentive programs, designed to help students easily achieve their driving test goals. The incentives represent a new combination of services, designed to facilitate student progress towards becoming skilled drivers who can pass the driving test. This serves not only to assist students with their goals, but also to separate RSA School of Motoring from other driving schools in Dublin.

RSA does a good job offering value - when students book five or more lessons, they can drive on the roads they'll face on their driving tests. It's smart to take a drive on the routes beforehand, so you know what you're getting yourself into on the actual test. RSA School of Motoring has always been a good driving school, but with the inclusion of test routes, you'll be hard pressed to find a better deal. Test routes have always been available for students, but this is the first time they have been included in the basic package. Now, however, with RSA School of Motoring's innovative pricing schemes, every student who books 5 or more lessons will get test routes as part of their basic package.

One rainy day, the owners of RSA School of Motoring realized that the test routes were a deciding factor on whether or not the students passed or failed their driving exams. While the test routes are vital, many students were skipping them because they didn't want to spend the money. The entire thought process of the student was changed with this incentive. The owners of the driving school want all of their students to pass the test - since they saw the test routes as so valuable, it only made sense to offer them for free.

While it's still a business, RSA School of Motoring is focused on producing proficient drivers, not just getting as many students in and out of the door as possible. Driving on the motorway can be nervewracking, so any student that passes the driving test is eligible for a free lesson on it. Passing the driving test is great, but RSA School of Motoring is focused on the skill level of their students, not just an exam grade. Lots of driving schools say this, but the school actually backs up its vision with solid programs like the free motorway lesson. These free motorway lessons make everyone safer and help the school feel good about itself.

The third and final price discount is 12 EDT lessons for 299 euro. Again, the budget-priced package is designed to encourage students to get as much knowledge of the roads and practice driving as much possible before becoming fully licensed drivers. More driving lessons means more experienced students and safer roads for everyone. These skills taught by certified RSA School of Motoring instructors stay with students for life. More schooling means safer drivers, which is congruent with the goals of the school.

Passing a driving test isn't difficult, but being a good driver is. With the recently launched programs, students do both. Your money goes a long way through affordable andtop notch driving services. Other driving schools are fine, but RSA School of Motoring excels above them all. Not only are their prices better, but the RSA School of Motoring beats the competition in general knowledge and reliability every single time.

RSA School of Motoring has helped hundreds of students in Dublin become better drivers and pass the EDT. They're not just another driving school - they're friendly and affordable with first-class instructors and packages to suit everyone.