Dance Music Events Should Be Banned

The recent Garda event has triggered some heated discussion among people in Ireland.


imagesThe Dublin Central joint policing committee’s chairperson called banning MCD holding “dance music or similar events” until they can provide full account and response on the Garda Commissioner’s Report for the Swedish House Mafia gig.

The Garda report emphasized several reasons for the incident that happened during the most recent outdoor event (a concert – to be specific) at the Phoenix Park in Dublin.

The incident has triggered an enormous reaction which led to the banning of similar outdoor events. So, what happened? The recent outdoor concert by Swedish House Mafia held at the Phoenix Park resulted to nine stabbed people. The Garda commissioner therefore issued a report saying that the venue as very unsuitable for large-scale music gigs.

Cllr Mary Fitzpatrick (FF) called the MCD concert promoters to attend the policing committee meeting next time. The MCD people needed to provide full report on the incident that happened. If you’re an audience of such event or just someone at home watching the news, would this knowledge that even an innocent concert like that would result to potentially fatal stabbing affect your decision in attending such events?

This was the primary reason why a poll was placed to hear the opinion of the general public. Apparently, the failure of the event control center to provide full security or protection has been one of the several issues leading to the public disorder during the said event. The report said that the MCD was not fit for purpose – meaning the large scale event.

On the other hand, the managing director of MCD – Denis Desmond – stated that the Garda report was unbalanced, in other words “unfair.” He furthermore stated that they had not received any notice stating the publishing of the cover letter and summary of report. Garda has called for a full account to be published but MCD remained silent or chose not to comment on this issue.

Cllr Fitzpatrick has strongly called on the junior minister Brian Hayes – who has the authority for the OPW or the Office of Public Works. She made a post on her blog stating that the MCD should not be permitted to hold any events similar to what just occurred until they can give full report detailing the response on the points raised for the Garda report. Furthermore, Fitzpatrick confirmed that the MCD was notified and openly invited two weeks prior to attend the Dublin Central joint committee meeting. During her interview, she said that OPW promised to attend but further stated that she is still waiting for some response on the part of the MCD.

With all these ensuing controversies about the open concert event especially in the light of discussing suitability of music and venues, the question still remained – will the Irish people still attend such events despite what happened recently or will it affect the attendance of people who will watch?

The answers to these questions is based only to your perception and your unbiased opinion.