Driving Lessons In Dublin Are Changing

The RSA has introduced a new graduated licensing system in Ireland to help spearhead improvements in the standard you new drivers passing their tests. This will mean some big and somewhat strict criteria for those looking to start their driving lessons, instructors have given a varied response to the new initiative and although some pushed to have the new rule stopped they have non the less gone ahead.

The new rule stipulate that all new learner drivers must undertake 12 one hour lessons which strictly follow a driving syllabus. These lessons are to be spread out over a 6 month period which means any driver looking to sit their driving test that has not completed this syllabus or held there learner permit for less than 6 months will not be allowed to do so. Once this EDT or essential driver training as its called has been completed the learner's RSA ADI driving instructor will issue them a certification which gives them the all clear to book their test and sit the driving exam.

Now some instructors have commented that 12 one hour lessons simply is not enough to fully cover the new driving syllabus so new drivers can expect to be held back until they fulfill the standards required. Of course there are many instructors that are delighted by this new initiative as it means students are guaranteed to have to take a least 12 driving lessons Dublin learner drivers had best get their piggy banks out.