Female Olympians Perception – Heroes or Sweethearts

It’s the Olympics once again – an event where we get to see humanity’s finest vying for titles of who    are the fastest, the strongest, most nimble and the best.  


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This is the opportunity where we can find brilliant people competing for sports – where they shine. However, some people would view this event as a chance of seeing very “hot” people being brilliant – no matter how twisted this may be there is still some truths in this. Olympians are at the peak of their physical health so they can become the countries’ best of the best. Therefore, it is not surprising to find ourselves admiring their physical characteristics not only their achievements.



 We are not really going to critic how we view the world’s best athletes despite how well they have been photographed. If there is a chance to admire the finest in our country, we should do nothing but grab it because without doing so it will be a sad day indeed. However, since the general population is composed of female, it follows that we generally tend to appreciate the male Olympians than the female ones. Females are almost always appreciated and admired when they follow certain standards of beauty set by the society – thin and perfectly styled.

Olympians are toned and strong and they possess abs you can probably flaunt all-day long. However, as much as how attractive it is to look in the male population, it is not deemed attractive when women are highly muscular. Being fit for Olympics is not any ordinary kind of fitness like other women do to fit their dresses. With Olympian strength comes Olympian muscles and it is hard to ogle any woman who can easily break your neck – which is why women don’t get so much “attention” when it comes to attraction.


Olympic is about genuine talent – not beauty.


The problem with our society today is our perception and our over-critical views. Many Olympians were critiqued because of their hair, their body and their looks but Olympic is about genuine talent, isn’t it? Why do we give importance to looks when it doesn’t even affect how many medals you take home for the country? As long as you’re the best in a country, there is nothing to be ashamed of about your looks – at least that’s what we are supposed to do.

 If these famous Olympians are being critiqued for their body, habits and looks, what hope is there for us commoners who were not blessed with body and strength like the rest of these athletes have? Lets make things straight female Olympians are heroes, not sweethearts for people to ogle. They have brought prestige to the country and we should not view them as someone who needs to look feminine all the time.

Our thoughts should be focused on sports and how well the female athletes are performing. Athletes like Katie Taylor should be hailed national hero - not national sweetheart. After all, we are not talking about Miss Universe or any other prestigious pageant.