Life in Finglas, Dublin

People who lived or who formerly live in Finglas, Dublin would have mixed250px-Church of the Annunciation West Finglas - - 491625 comment about the evolution of the residential suburb. Life in this residential village has been good to some and has been a disaster to others. The town has some 20,000 for its total population.

Many consider Finglas as a place where they can come home. It is the place where they enjoyed life at the most at the bottom of the hill. Whether going for a cup of tea, getting onions, or walking down the river on summer nights, many think that it is getting what life has to offer.

Quality of life in Finglas, Dublin has been rated above average by many people. It can be broken down into the following categories for easier reference.

Law and Order

The law and order in Finglas are fair for a community this small. If you are a visitor or resident of the area, you need to be good in order to be safe. Nonetheless, it is what you can expect from a small community where people just live each day at a time.

Economy and Job Opportunity

If you see a low rating on the economy and job opportunity for Finglas, Dublin, don’t be discouraged because this is usual for a community that has yet to evolve and develop. This is quite the same for small towns all over the world.

Living Environment

The living environment for Finglas is quite nice and pleasant. Many people think they had good memories whether in childhood or during the time they lived in the town. A lot considers the town as a place they would come home to and a place they’d likely going to miss.


It is quite fair to say that there are enough driving schools in Finglas to provide quality education for the townspeople. In fact, it is above average which showed that people find it nice to study in a small town.

Local Services

Considering that this is a small town, it would be right to say that the efficiency of local services. Unlike other small towns (which are sometimes neglected), the town of Finglas took up a fast paced development and evolution which looked promising in years to come.

Sense of Community

This is what most people like about Finglas, Dublin. The town has given them good and brilliant memories which they want to relive. Whether they are currently living in other cities or countries, they would look back at the town with so much endearment while calling it a place which they can call home. This is what the town of Finglas and its people provides – where it lacked in some other aspects this fills up the gaps.

Cost of Living

In small towns, you might expect that the cost of living would be low. Finglas, however, is in the process of development thus it justifies the fairly high cost of living.

Generally, Finglas is a nice town to live where you can enjoy life at its fullest away from the hustles of the city. But who knows years from now, it will become one of the booming towns in Ireland?