Rise of Student Fees Means No College

It is an undeniable fact that Ireland is in a bad shape and we shouldn’t ignore that further. There are corrupt politicians that plagued the country as well as greedy bankers who have us played out until it becomes harder for us to get back up on our knees. This has been the scenario in Ireland today and we should not look further because the problem is right in front of us.

This has been the reason why the government has increased third level fees and the financial crisis of our country will impact all aspects of our lives unless we are going to recover in this financial incapacity. However, Ireland has more problems than the available solutions even if the government takes some from the education department.

The fact is that the government – both current and previous – has failed to realize that education an excellent way of moving forward. Without proper education, a lot of people will suffer and the economy will not prosper – it will remain plateau or worse would go downhill. If people don’t have proper education, they can’t get jobs and without jobs they wouldn’t have steady monthly income. If money becomes an issue, they won’t be able to step into college and it gets even more difficult to get jobs that pay well.

The cost of third level education was increased again and it may be a relatively small increase as compared to the past years but an increase is an increase. This means students (and their parents) are torn between dropping out or struggle to stay. In some, the impact would be whether students can go to college or just join the population of people waiting for employment that may never come as an opportunity for them.

Of course, we’ve seen this trend in our country for quite some time and many of our parents today couldn’t even go to college especially when not from privileged families. Life trend in Ireland is going straight to a job fresh from school.

Feeble Attempt

Our grant system in Ireland today made a feeble attempt to eradicate bias for third level education. This means that the system only caters for those who will never be able to afford third level education such that of students whose parents don’t have jobs to support them. The grant system will help them get to college and of course there is no question whether the elite (upper class population) can go to college or not. However, what happens to those who fall in between the upper class and lower class?

What happens if you have two parents working three jobs until their backs hurt just to support the family but could not still send their kids to college? These students would then try to find work and earn the money for them to go school but then what happens if they can’t get any job because the world has gone haywire?

This should be the focus of Ireland’s government. Without education, the people will fail to achieve things they would’ve otherwise. They wouldn’t be able to send their kids (or students wouldn’t find jobs that fit them) to go college.