Free Condoms for Dublin

Condoms DublinOver a thousand condoms are available for Dubliners for free. These are going to be given out along streets as a significant part of the ‘Just Carry One’ campaign. This campaign encourages young individuals to carry even a condom with them all the time.

SpunOut – a national youth organization, particularly a charity, runs the initiative alongside Dublin Aids Alliance in response to the recent increase in the reported cases for STI. The organization was also “alarmed” about the recent findings that about 20% of students engage in sex when they are drunk. And it's a statistic that the team at Condoms Ireland fear will get worse.

The organization pointed out that this is clearly a sexual behavioral risk and they want to make sure these young individuals have all the right information required to experience rewarding sex lives. This is the statement made about the campaign that was about to happen.

The Spirit of Dublin Uncovered

A contribution from one of our readers

I wonder how it would feel to live in Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland in comparison to a major city or even in the rural towns and communities in the USA? In economically challenged times, Dublin has enjoyed respectable numbers of tourist visitors. That speaks loudly in the tourist promoting circles.

I’ve become an Internet traveler with Google Earth as my vessel of transportation. My mouse and my keyboard finger tips are my fuel canisters that propel my traveling fantasy delights. I can travel the world and zoom in on destinations of my choice anytime day or night. One can become an experienced virtual travel guide without physically having the blessing to have visited the land.

What You Should Know about Burger Meals

burgers health irelandA lot of people don’t care much about what they eat and if you want a burger meal, here’s what you should know first.

Do you have any idea how much salt and fat and the total calories included in a burger meal? No? Well, Read on.

Reports showed that what you thought was just a ‘snack’ or a ‘treat’ actually contains a day’s or even more than a day’s worth of fat, salt and calories for average and otherwise healthy adults. This report has been published when a new research found out that eating burger meals filled with extra toppings along with go-large side dishes and soft drink can provide 100% of daily calorie requirements for adults in terms of fat, salt and calories.

Conquering the Fear of Flying

 aerlingus-A330How would you go to another country or place without the plane?

If it’s just miles away by land, driving there would be easy but how about if it’s overseas? Unknown to us, there are a lot of people who have fears of flying and conquering it is not as easy as just closing your eyes. Some fears are serious – which we know of as phobia and some minor fears – which we can fend off easily. Riding a plane all by yourself is another story especially when you’re young adult. It is even harder when you’re flying cross countries. This is what Sara-Jane Goff did when she wanted to conquer her fears, which she wouldn’t have done a few months prior. She underwent training and after quite a long while she learned how to fly alone.

For some, this is not something they could call achievement but for someone who really feared flying more than others this is already an achieved milestone, freedom of bondage such as fear and a great one at that. It is one thing to live in fear and it is another to try and conquer it. By undergoing the training course, Ms. Goff had it all within grasp and she did.

Where therapies fail, training courses step forward – ultimately achieving success.

Lack in Exercise Not Ireland’s Trend

irish-exerciseIreland is ranked 7th worst country in terms of exercise according to a recent study conducted. The results of the study showed that lack of exercise is equivalent to slowly dying from smoking and this should not be the case at all. Unfortunately, more than 50% of Irish people lacked sufficient exercise, which is obviously more than America’s 40.5%. The report was documented in a series of posts within The Lancet – a British medical journal. The same report also found that the most active people within Europe are those that are found in Netherlands, Estonia and Greece while the predominance of inactive adults were from Serbia and Malta with 68.3% and 71.9% respectively.

Surviving a Long-Haul Flight

Not all of us enjoy flying and this is the truth we face if we ever go on trip to another place or country.flight

It is more than just sleeping comfortably and using plastic cutlery. While others (particularly first time long-haul-flyers), they would find this very enjoyable and somewhat entertaining and we find this amazing because we would love to be like them. Things can go haywire if you’re seated in the middle of the plane and you’re seated right next to an old talkative lady – who seemed to be so engrossed in her talking that she doesn’t noticed you’re not interested (not to be impolite but sometimes this could wear out our patience).

So, how can you survive a long-haul flight and be ready for all possibilities from talkative nice old ladies to your on-demand meals?

1. Prepare early. Picking the right seat is the earliest preparation you can do for yourself. Of course, this is in exchange to a small fee but it is all worth it if you get to choose where you sit. In return, you get value for money because you get to sit in areas where you feel the most comfortable. This also means you need to book your flight ahead of time so you don’t need to be left with the available choices. By familiarizing yourself with the plane’s make-up ahead of time, you would know which seats have reclining capacity, power source, and extra room for leg and away from any inconveniences like the smell of toilet.