Conquering the Fear of Flying

 aerlingus-A330How would you go to another country or place without the plane?

If it’s just miles away by land, driving there would be easy but how about if it’s overseas? Unknown to us, there are a lot of people who have fears of flying and conquering it is not as easy as just closing your eyes. Some fears are serious – which we know of as phobia and some minor fears – which we can fend off easily. Riding a plane all by yourself is another story especially when you’re young adult. It is even harder when you’re flying cross countries. This is what Sara-Jane Goff did when she wanted to conquer her fears, which she wouldn’t have done a few months prior. She underwent training and after quite a long while she learned how to fly alone.

For some, this is not something they could call achievement but for someone who really feared flying more than others this is already an achieved milestone, freedom of bondage such as fear and a great one at that. It is one thing to live in fear and it is another to try and conquer it. By undergoing the training course, Ms. Goff had it all within grasp and she did.

Where therapies fail, training courses step forward – ultimately achieving success.

Reasons for the Fear

1. Lack of control: Flying is something that you have to give much of your control over to someone else (the pilot for that matter). You need to trust and to believe that he can fly and land you safe. Fear of flying is the fear of lack of control especially when you’re used to being in control all of the time or be organized that you can almost make time work for you. The control you give to the pilot is something that’s hard in this case thus you get fear of flying.

2. Lack of awareness: Flying for some people is somewhat full of mystery. Since we all know that the pilot knows what he is doing, we can easily give him our faith that the plane will take off and land safe. For someone who fears flying, this does not happen instead their mind wanders off some place dangerous. “In the car, you can always jump when it gets dangerous. In the plane, there is nowhere else to go.” While this has a bit of truth, this will make your mind perceives this as a threat to your well-being.

How to Conquer Fear of Flying

1. Will: The will to conquer by itself is already a big step towards conquering fear of flying. This means that your mind is not holding you up. You had taken a step to free yourself from the bondage of fear. This is already big because you know you don’t want to live all your life in fear and this is exactly what will happen if you take that big step.

2. Overcoming methods. There are several forms of therapies that people with phobias undergo. You just need to find one that works for you. If hypnotherapy doesn’t work, don’t give up – be determined and try another. It wouldn’t hurt you if you give another therapy a try – that is if you’re really determined to overcome the fear.