Free Condoms for Dublin

Condoms DublinOver a thousand condoms are available for Dubliners for free. These are going to be given out along streets as a significant part of the ‘Just Carry One’ campaign. This campaign encourages young individuals to carry even a condom with them all the time.

SpunOut – a national youth organization, particularly a charity, runs the initiative alongside Dublin Aids Alliance in response to the recent increase in the reported cases for STI. The organization was also “alarmed” about the recent findings that about 20% of students engage in sex when they are drunk. And it's a statistic that the team at Condoms Ireland fear will get worse.

The organization pointed out that this is clearly a sexual behavioral risk and they want to make sure these young individuals have all the right information required to experience rewarding sex lives. This is the statement made about the campaign that was about to happen.

 The volunteers and staff for SpunOut will hit the streets and will distribute more than a thousand condoms. They are going to target areas that are known to be filled with young individuals along with the ‘Underground Protection Racket.’

John Buckley, who is the Youth Engagement Officer, pointed out that the program is challenging as well as innovative. He further stated that sex is an innate entity of our existence and a significant element in our development as unique individuals. If the younger generation is engaging in sex while they are drunk, society has a responsibility to remain an active part of their lives and make sure that they make safe and sound judgments to protect their individuality.

The organization SpunOut is hoping that they can motivate all people - male or female – to have at least a condom with them and practice safety and precaution when they have sex.

A volunteer of the organization said that the younger generation just want to have some fun thus it is only right that nothing could ruin the fun they’re out to obtain. Carrying condoms around have become the least of all concerns for many people. In fact, it has quite become a taboo and the organization hopes that this kind of mentality will be changed through this campaign.