Lack in Exercise Not Ireland’s Trend

irish-exerciseIreland is ranked 7th worst country in terms of exercise according to a recent study conducted. The results of the study showed that lack of exercise is equivalent to slowly dying from smoking and this should not be the case at all. Unfortunately, more than 50% of Irish people lacked sufficient exercise, which is obviously more than America’s 40.5%. The report was documented in a series of posts within The Lancet – a British medical journal. The same report also found that the most active people within Europe are those that are found in Netherlands, Estonia and Greece while the predominance of inactive adults were from Serbia and Malta with 68.3% and 71.9% respectively.

The researchers stated that the general public has to be warned about the dangers of lack in exercise. The result of the study urged adults to spend at least 150 minutes each week on activities like moderate exercise – cycling, gardening and walking.

One of the head researchers – Pedro Hallal – stated that there will be hype in sports and physical activity worldwide considering the fast approach of the 2012 Olympic Games. He added that even though people across the globe are going to watch elite athletes gathering from different countries to compete in one prestigious event most of the audience are quite inactive.

This is the global challenge that we should face – maintain physical activity as a public health priority and this is clear not only for Ireland but for the people around the world to reduce risks of disease and improve health.

This particular research came about following the release of the report from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine stating that international adult human biomass was around 287 million tons – 15 million of which were secondary to being overweight. In the same report, it was stated that North America had 6% of the total global population but they also had 34% of the global biomass secondary to obesity.