Surviving a Long-Haul Flight

Not all of us enjoy flying and this is the truth we face if we ever go on trip to another place or country.flight

It is more than just sleeping comfortably and using plastic cutlery. While others (particularly first time long-haul-flyers), they would find this very enjoyable and somewhat entertaining and we find this amazing because we would love to be like them. Things can go haywire if you’re seated in the middle of the plane and you’re seated right next to an old talkative lady – who seemed to be so engrossed in her talking that she doesn’t noticed you’re not interested (not to be impolite but sometimes this could wear out our patience).

So, how can you survive a long-haul flight and be ready for all possibilities from talkative nice old ladies to your on-demand meals?

1. Prepare early. Picking the right seat is the earliest preparation you can do for yourself. Of course, this is in exchange to a small fee but it is all worth it if you get to choose where you sit. In return, you get value for money because you get to sit in areas where you feel the most comfortable. This also means you need to book your flight ahead of time so you don’t need to be left with the available choices. By familiarizing yourself with the plane’s make-up ahead of time, you would know which seats have reclining capacity, power source, and extra room for leg and away from any inconveniences like the smell of toilet.

2. Liquid restrictions. This restriction has been placed on hand luggage for many years now but some of us still think it is unnecessary to do such with only an innocent bottle of perfume and to think that the €70 bottle would go down the drain makes things even worse. Knowing there is such a restriction in planes, why don’t you buy €1 bags where you can place all of those items and place them in the luggage so you don’t have to worry about losing them. It is even better if you have everything ready in your luggage before you leave for the airport.

3. Menu limitations. The food in the airplane is “average” but its all part of travelling – all the slight inconveniences you meet onboard are part of what you called going for a business or holiday trip. You can book your flight with specialist option for the meal. It would cost more than the standard fare but you get to eat your meal first and it usually taste better than the standard ones. Even if you’re not a veggie or allergic to food particles, the special option is prepared separately so it will be better.

There are still other things you need to prepare for during a long-haul flight but it is better if you do your own research especially on things that you want to make better onboard. Just make sure you remember to be polite when it comes to your neighbors.

You can bring travel pillows if you are really going to very long flights so you can be extra comfortable.