The Spirit of Dublin Uncovered

A contribution from one of our readers

I wonder how it would feel to live in Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland in comparison to a major city or even in the rural towns and communities in the USA? In economically challenged times, Dublin has enjoyed respectable numbers of tourist visitors. That speaks loudly in the tourist promoting circles.

I’ve become an Internet traveler with Google Earth as my vessel of transportation. My mouse and my keyboard finger tips are my fuel canisters that propel my traveling fantasy delights. I can travel the world and zoom in on destinations of my choice anytime day or night. One can become an experienced virtual travel guide without physically having the blessing to have visited the land.

So I can claim to be a world traveler filled with the wholesome experiences of hundreds of destinations that few including myself will ever get to see and I know it could never come close to the experiences of actually being there in person but in the same breath I can say I could come to learn more about my chosen destination virtually than those experiencing the real time experience.  After reading about and zooming around Dublin for example, should I have a dream that night about Dublin, my  brain gives me the sensation and I’m told it doesn’t know the difference between virtual vs. actual.

I research and read while sipping an imported Guinness in my Long Island, NY home, knowing my choice of sip is the most famous Irish drink and it’s brewed in the heart of Dublin. I imagine walking over the river Liffey on the O’Connell Bridge which happens to be the one bridge in Europe that is wider than its length.

How many MGM movies have I seen in my 64 years that roars to life on the big screen with that familiar lion? That lion was born in the Dublin Zoo in 1927, 20 years before I was born. His name was Cairbre. A few clicks of my mouse and I’m Google Earthed to the Dublin Zoo in which I can see the layout and visualize my walk through the zoo.

In my writings I enjoy touching on the romantic notions of all walks of life, not just human interaction love romance but I note with great admiration that St Valentine’s Day is a major celebration in Ireland with the remains of St Valentine being found on Aungier Street in Dublin at Whitefriar Street Carmelite Church.

Dublin is instrumental in world wide music history as we know. Irish music can spring board your day, massage your heart or tear your heart out.

Dublin is so instrumental in music history as well as writers, poets and playwrights. I’ve learned that George Bernard Shaw, a playwright lived there.  George is the only person to have received both a Nobel Price for Literature and an Oscar for My Fair Lady.  James Joyce has a museum and it’s possible to take a walking tour around Dublin to sites he mentioned in his great works.
In an hour I can gain so much knowledge in facts, photo’s, aerial views and articles that bring home the landmarks, the music, the writings, foods, drink, personalities and so much more human interest stories that my mind is stimulated to explore more on day two, three and four. It becomes like a traveling novel customized to my personal choices that would otherwise elude me or not allow me to indulge as much time and energy in person.

Here is the best part. I’ve become an expert in Dublin and now should I get the opportunity to visit in person; I will already feel like I’ve been there. Well, I was!