What You Should Know about Burger Meals

burgers health irelandA lot of people don’t care much about what they eat and if you want a burger meal, here’s what you should know first.

Do you have any idea how much salt and fat and the total calories included in a burger meal? No? Well, Read on.

Reports showed that what you thought was just a ‘snack’ or a ‘treat’ actually contains a day’s or even more than a day’s worth of fat, salt and calories for average and otherwise healthy adults. This report has been published when a new research found out that eating burger meals filled with extra toppings along with go-large side dishes and soft drink can provide 100% of daily calorie requirements for adults in terms of fat, salt and calories.

Our kids

Though we’re talking about adults, children are no exception to this either. What you can call as “kids’ burgers” is actually bigger than the regular sized burger. So, don’t be misled with the fact that they are marketed as “kids’ size.”


The study conducted was carried out on about 240 takeaway joints and the result could very well be alarming. A regular adult who is ordering standard burger meal – quarter pounder to be exact – filled with trimmings like cheese topping and bacon, regular chips as side dish and medium-sized soft drink is actually consuming an estimated of 1,500 calories.

The 1,500 calories actually contribute to two thirds of the daily calorie requirements for adults without considering other foods consumed by that particular adult throughout the entire day.

If the same adult ordered larger portions on the side dish and soft drink, the required calorie consumption intake for the day has already been met – meaning he should not eat any more than the burger meal he just consumed. Without the extra toppings, the burger alone can provide more than 50% of adult’s daily requirements for protein and nearly 40% for fat.

Takeaway Joints

The recent study showed that 24% of people all across Ireland eat at fast-food or takeaway joints at least once or two times per week. This means that a quarter of foods that we consume today are usually prepared outside of the home. The burger we eat, although it contains considerable amount of protein and iron, also contains significantly higher levels of salt and fats. It is unbalanced and devoid of fiber and vegetables that we need daily.


People are required to be aware of recommended portions when they order takeaway burgers. There is a reason why they are called “burger meal” because they are considered as one and should not be taken lightly as in-between meal or a snack. Along with burgers, people also order a significant portion of chips and soft drinks. The burger alone can give enough calories for a meal or even for a day so even kid’s burgers can contain a quarter of the recommended daily calorie needs as well as saturated fat and 50% of the recommended salt consumption for a child.

If you are going to order burger meals, consider buying smaller ones or regular burgers without the added toppings. You might want to consider adding more vegetable to your meal like pickles, lettuce, tomato and onions. If the fast-food joint has lower fat cheese options, you should consider one and do not eat it alongside the chips. You are better off choosing between the two rather than eating both. Finally, it is helpful that you take burger meals as occasional foods not regular meals.