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Book A Bus is a coach and minibus hire company operating out of Dublin. At BookABus we understand that the journey is just as important as the destination so call us now and book your journey now. And don't forget our price promise...we'll beat any other quote by 10%!

Bay 1, Jamestown Business Park Finglas Dublin 11, Co. Dublin, (01) 836 1736,


  • Street: Bay 1, Jamestown Business Park
  • City: Finglas
  • Postcode: Dublin 11
  • State: Co. Dublin



Book A Bus
★★★★★Terry, June 5, 2012
"BookaBus are a seriously professional outfit. Punctual, polite drivers. Great vehicles (the one we had). Can't sing their praises more"

Qualities of Good Bus Hire Companies

Bus hire companies are plentiful in any part of Europe. They can transport both passengers and cargo, depending on your need and destination. But the downside to having a lot of options is that you might encounter some of questionable reputation. Shady bus hire companies will not only give you unsatisfactory services but also charge more for them. To keep you from getting cheated off your cash, here are the qualities to look for when canvassing bus hire companies:
First, look for a good record in timeliness and punctuality. You would want these bus hire companies to get you or your cargo to your destination on time, and not two days late. The best way to know is to ask. Ask the bus terminal operators regarding the bus hire companies’ time of departure and arrival to see if they really do leave and arrive on the times they specify. Search for reviews online to know if the passengers were satisfied with their trip. As much as possible, avoid hiring a bus known to be tardy and unreliable; time is gold, after all.

Second, set your sights on affordable bus hire companies. Buses are not meant to be expensive, but nor are they cheap. The usual bus hire companies charge only within a certain range. Inquire among the different companies about their prices, and don’t fall for those that charge higher than most unless they offer additional amenities or travel to far-flung destinations. If they don’t but still charge an arm and leg, there’s something fishy there, so you’d be better off keeping away.

Third on the list is the condition of the buses. Make sure you find bus hire companies with relatively new buses. Bus trips often go on for hours and might encounter less than smooth terrain. Don’t jeopardize yourself or your cargo by riding a bus that could quickly break down when encountering rocky roads. Again, online reviews are helpful. Do passengers of that bus complain of rust or creaky engines? Are the cargoes taken excellent care of before, during and after the trip? Do they talk about seats that are damaged or falling apart? Remember that comfort is key; the quality of the buses should not be compromised by cheap fares.

The fourth is cleanliness, because you and your cargo deserve nothing less from bus hire companies. Some companies would allow you to inspect the buses you wish to hire, so take advantage of that and note the cleanliness of the bus. See if the cargo’s area is clean, especially if your cargo can be damaged by dust or water. If you have a medical condition that might strike any time, take that opportunity to inspect the medical facilities of the bus, like the first-aid kits and emergency exits.

Fifth and last, check the destination served by your bus hire companies. Some buses might use a different road to get you to a certain place. You can find the ones that will get you there soonest, or just those that will let you pass by some areas. If you are not in a hurry, ask the bus if it can take the road with the least bumps. If you happen to be in a hurry, specify that you would rather avoid road repairs so your driver can take a different road.

Bus hire companies need not be extraordinary to be efficient, but make sure to choose one with care. After all, you are putting your life or your cargo’s welfare into their hands. There are many bus hire companies so opt for the best