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RSA Driving School has been taking Ireland by storm over the last 12 months and has undoubtedly become Ireland fastest growing driving school. This thanks to their marriage of affordable driving lesson packages and its own internal driving instructor training that has made its driving instructors the very best in the business.

RSA Driving School, 1 Wainsfort Drive, Terenure, Dublin 6w, Co. Dublin, (01) 514 3752


  • Street: 1 Wainsfort Drive
  • City: Terenure
  • Postcode: Dublin 6w
  • State: Co. Dublin



RSA Driving School
Ahmed, May 1, 2012
"A very professional and punctual driving school - had the pretest package with Kevin, which was superb! Covered the basics and the ins and outs of the test. They provide lessons with both forms of transmission - I had mine with automatic, and they were great. I passed the driving test with the first attempt"

Don’t take chances with your driving skills

Ireland would be free from road accidents if every learner driver had the chance to undergo professional training that imparts invaluable experience with a keen eye on safety. Sometimes family, friends or neighbours play the role that should otherwise be left to driving instructors who teach and reinforce skills of successful driving to learner drivers.  Other mentors do this with the assumption that driving is an easy skill that does not need serious training but rather just learning how to control the wheel. In most cases the mentors pass on the bad habits which were perhaps transferred to them by other untrained mentors resulting to a trend of unprofessional reckless drivers on our roads.

Just because you are required to log 100 hours of supervised on-road training for you to get your license doesn’t mean you rush in to meeting this condition at your detriment but rather aim to get appropriate professional training that will help you have confidence on the road. These supervised driving lessons should be recorded in a log book that must be signed by both the Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) and any accompanying drivers.

attitude towards everything in life shapes our thoughts and destiny. A wrong attitude towards driving lessons can cost you, your passengers and other road users their lives. Your attitude also plays a crucial role in being safe on the road. The right attitude from the beginning of your driving school saves life and money.
After so many years of horrendous road traffic accidents here in Ireland, road safety rules and regulations are being revised to save lives and make our roads safer for all drivers through efficient driver training, testing as well as driver monitoring. Car crashes are not only caused by reckless or drunk drivers but also by learners who assume that other road users should be more watchful by respecting their “L“ sign. Learner drivers should not go to the extreme of crashing their car to learn a lesson as the results could be fatal. Road safety is no accident and safety on the road begins by you getting professional training on driving.

Driving is a lifetime skill that is invaluable and which can determine life or death on the road. Driving to success requires that you learn how to actually drive and not just how to move the car. It’s a technique that needs the highest degree of professionalism as you will encounter all sorts of nasty experiences while on the road; new traffic rules, different weather patterns, other crazy or drunk drivers, new technology, new super highways…and the list is endless.
You just never know when you will need these vital driving skills to help you stay safe by avoiding misfortunes caused by your mistakes or other road users. There should be no shortcuts when it comes to learner training and it is disheartening to hear about driving schools that advertise special packages that offer training within a short period of time for those willing to pay extra euro.

Today the Road Safety Authority (RSA) requires all learner drivers to be fully equipped with well-established levels of skills that involve greater understanding of how to drive through manoeuvres and meanders as they take control of their vehicles as a way of producing safe and skilled drivers. As a learner driver, you need to invest your time and money in an accredited driving school with qualified instructors or trainers that will help you establish excellent driving skills and knowledge as well as attitude and behavior on the road. Don’t take chances with your driving skills. Cheap can be expensive and so choose the best professional driving trainers to give you quality lifetime skills that will keep you safe on the road.